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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The most hard assignment i've ever had !

Salam you all,

Happy Deepavali. Eventhough its holiday but i don't have any. I'm stuck at home finishing all the assignment.  I have a lot of new assignment. But, this one is the hardest and it's really challenging my level of thinking.

Yup. The subject is "MPW1143/2143 PENGAJIAN ISLAM". The question is:-

Tugasan ini bertujuan untuk menilai kebolehan pelajar mengenal pasti laman web yang anti Islam dan pro Islam serta melihat kemampuan pelajar menganalisis secara kritis laman web tersebut.

Terdapat kepelbagaian laman web dan blog Islam. Kenal pasti laman-laman web atau blog yang anti Islam dan pro Islam.

Aren't this was too much?? After looking and searching for 2 days in a row, I now knew that Islam is really in a deep deep deep deep trouble. It's like Islam is drowning. People all around the world looking Islam as the most ridiculous religion ever especially the anti Islam. Too many agenda being played by professional player. Until some of people seems loss in seeing Islam as the most beautiful and perfect religion.

Whatever it is for me this assignment is tough. Hard. Crazy. Not worth to do. But, its my new client. Need to do it and finish by today. :( Wish me luck people.....

How i wish at this moment i can play with Alya, Adam and Hawa.. :(