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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Company Outing 2010 at Nexus Karambunai

Hmm..sungguh tak ku sangka-sangka..the company i work for held a company outing programme which all staff MUST attend eventhough it's not their will.. And for me, at first i really don't want to go since we have to spend one night at Nexus. And to be added, i have to share my room with two newbies at office which is Chinese female one had just divorce and one already married and have two little kids. Syukran, families not allowed to stay in the same room with staff. If they want to bring along their family, they have to pay half price of the room price. (How lokek my company is..hahahaha).

Well, here are some pictures of the room at Nexus that i stayed. It cost RM360++ per night..5 star kunun...

Memang la 5 star superb bilik dia..but, to tell the truth it was a disaster..My company booked all the room 1 months before and suddenly during the check in day, Nexus didn't give us two rooms. They said, all room are booked and full. Their front desk are terribly horrible. Don't know how to handle customer well. And to be added, there a no extra bed gave. Which we already paid 1 months before. So, stupid. 

Plus, during our dinner no table reserves for us. We have to seat separately. Therefore, NO companies dinner night. Because we end up eating by ourselves. LOL !!!.. This is the most stupid dinner i've ever been.

But, the sea is clean. Lots of Korean tourist during that time. A korean lady taken my pic with my sand castle. My first time building it. And our team won !! I can't believe it myself.. Hahaha.. Our team also won beach soccer and the volleyball.. Luckily, sun shine all day long.  I will upload pictures of my team playing the beach soccer and the volleyball.

 comel tak? hehehe...less than 45 minutes ya..
thanks, to my team :
~Mr.Jonas Israel~
~Felicia Teng~
~Jenny R Sedomon~
~Anne Chang~
~Jannie Chung~

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