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Saturday, August 25, 2012


the world is spinning my dear and so as my troubles. the one thing that i've been avoiding this whole year, keep chasing me around. should i call it fate? one thing that i'm sure right now, is that i can not say anything yet. i have to make sure that everything is doing well and on track. if, the first thing do happen, i will talk. i will ask. oh Allah, give me strength.

ya Allah, apa yang sudah aku buat ni? takdir ka semua ni? hadapi saja? kurus la aku kalau macam ni terus. bila ku sangka the storm is gone, rupa-rupanya the storm is actually getting even stronger. oh my..

i can not see the future and no one can. so, just face it. no matter how strong the storm blow, i hope i will be strong too. :(

p/s: gambar tiada kaitan dengan entri at all !

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