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Sunday, July 17, 2011

We ain't got nothing...

Dear bloggie,

At this moment,
I felt empty..
I felt lost...
I tried flashing back
what have i done in my life?

If i'm being good to others or not?
Or i'm being selfish?

Life's really turning me upside down..
People come and go as per their liking..
But, i'm still here not moving even an inch towards or backwards..
I never felt this kind of emptiness......

someone special left me for the second time..
I really don't know why..
For God sake i don't have any idea why..
I'm yet alone..

And today too,
Dearest friend of mine
getting married..
i'm so happy for her..
but deep inside, i felt sad..
Maybe i felt alone..again...

I'll be alone again..
My dearest kak che moved away..
To pursuit her dreams...
I'm all alone in the world of second class citizen..
A world where everyone trying to be liked by others 
by stabbing each others..
Trying to be someone at their point of view...

I really don't know whats gonna happen in my life..
I don't plan things..
Things just happen..
All i did is pray and make my self belive that in the end
maybe i can be happy with someone...

I'm tired.. 
I'm exhousted..
If only i could be just like the others...

Pull me in close and don't let me go.....

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