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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Astro giving freebies???

Salam readers..
i've been really busy this weekend. Guess why?

You can't? Ehehehe..
It's because i 'm enjoying all channel in astro at RM49.95 per month only !!!!
It's frustrating right? For you who pay RM70+++ just to watch the ordinary channel.. Ngengenge...

Well, you must be wondering how come i could get such low price for all that channel? (because the real cost would be RM250++ or something like that.

Hmm....still wondering?
 Little Kitty emoticon
Okay2..i'll tell you why.
Actually, it was that day (Wednesday-5/5/10)
Astro , KL call me..His name is Fadli.

Why would he call me? Actually i have terminate my account last month. The reason is not because i cannot afford to pay it (RM79++) but it's because my brother also have signed up new account with Astro which i must tell you that whenever you open a new account you'll be in 2 years contract with them. It means that you canot terminate your account within these 2 years. Or else, you'll be in jail.

Yes, seriously that was the terms & condition which i strongly believe that nobody will read T&C before signing any contract. Am i right? LOL.. It's a fact doh...

Well, back to my story. Fadli, was just asking me why all the sudden i want to terminate my account? Is there any problem that they should know? He's so curios.
Well, i said that the only reason is that i don't need it anymore...since we have my brothers new Astro account. I think it'll be such a waste for us to pay two things  which one of it we really don't need. (FYI, i ony watch TV during my weekends. Especially 6.50-8.00pm @303 channel.~~~Three Brothers~~Korean series of coz..

Since i was so well determine my self to terminate my account (i have it since 2007 with a very well payment history) ;p untill he offered me the undenying offers. He said, well madam, we gave you the offer which you can have all the channel in Astro exclude the pay channel in just RM49.95 for two months. If you madam after this two months still wanna terminate account, yes we can arrange that for sure. Telling you madam we don't offer these to just any ordinary customer. 

I ask why pick me? Then he say .. because you madam is our loyal customer and these offer was just started today and the quota is 100 customer only..... which i personally advise that you should take it. Plus, we will never adding some hidden extra charge to your account if you take this offer.

Hmmmm................for sure after confirming data, i accept the offer and that's the reason i don't have time to update my blog..hehehe..stay still coz it'll be a lot more from me...see yahh...
Kazi & Dora emoticon

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