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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hi darling,

How am i suppose to say this? Okay, let me start. It all began with a weird dream i had last night. In the first part of the dream i can't barely remember anything. It look like I'm having a vacation or what.. But, the weirdos occurred in the second part of my dream last night.

Here it goes...

We are on our way to Tanjung Aru Beach in my little white viva going to have a family picnic. Suddenly, the road jammed with no cause at all. And there’s a black motorcycle at my left side trying to make a way in that chaotic jammed.

Then........ BUMMMMPPP !!

The motorcycle hit my car and run away just like that. With no further delay, i drove as fast as i can just to find that motorcycle. Not more than 100 yards, i look back using the side mirror and i saw a horrible accident. That motorcycle accident by itself (maybe too fast and the road condition is not that good).

At that same moment, i slowly drove my car to the side road and let my father go and take a look at the motorcyclist. I just wait there and sit by the pedestrian walk. Few minutes later, here goes the weirdo again !!

A car that i once knew, stop by the side road too. The driver walk pass me and slowly walk to the scene without locking his car. Noticing that, I try to catch him but it happens that somehow i knew this guy. I stopped and quickly hide myself in the crowd when i saw him walking back to lock his door. And oh my goshh !! Yes, i knew this guy.

Taraaaaaa... tu jew....The end. Sekain.

Morale of the story: I'm in pain of forgetting all the memories. Or perhaps this dream try to tell me something that, he already pass me ultimately so... walk away stupid Naza.. :)

Morale of the story two: Nombor 4D Toto kuar miss dua number ja...special okay..1055 haissshhh.. hahahahhaha....


  1. morale of the story three..morale no two tu tiada morale..ngeeee..eksiden? bwk kete? mcm penah ku tgk ayat2 nieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. morale of the story two: lau mimpi kete mesti tgk 4d2u.com .... miahahahhahhaa.....

    kan da ckp daaaa............. jalan, drive... hukhukhuk.. tiada ciri-ciri peng copy an di sini ogehhhh...


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