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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Aku dan DY>>>

Dear Bloggie,

Salam and good morning to my readers. Baru pukul 7.28am. Hayyoo..hari ni hari Sabtu la. I suppose to have a very good and long sleep. But, automatically my eyes is wide open. Bukan pasal apa, I think because of the weird dream I had last night.

Pagi ni, baru ku tau bahawasanya me and my soul are solely merge with my previous "life" I guess. I mean my previous job >>>.. Why would I say that? Hermm, let me story you Bloggie.

Mimpi tu start after my boss in DY>>> met me in Kay Kay. He told me that DY>>> really need me. After saying that I could get whatever I want (to comfort me la..), I decided to quit my job here in Kay Kay and went back to my dearly hometown Tawau. Yay!!!!

Sampai jak di Tawau, all I could see in this dream was the new DY>>>. New tiles not carpet anymore, new office room with superb decoration...gosh...after looking around, me and my boss are having a very long discussion till i could smell his perfume.

Nak dijadikan cerita, I could simply know what else to done in order to make DY>>> the most perfect place to create your design lorrrr.... like im into it..it's like my soul are missing it....

I really hope, that they can survive. Because last time i heard, they having so much trouble with workers.. Biasalah attitude budak-budak DY>>> tu...hermm...betul lah bilang my previous boss cakap. Only you can control them..

Kalaulah sikap saling menghormati saling mempercayai..penghargaan tu ada back when i was there (putting all my effort in taking care of DY>>>), I wouldn't move here.....


  1. start looking 4 another job b4 DY company down.(bankrup) huru-hara btul kdaan d DY ni,sume org pentingkn diri,depan boss sume boleh!!


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