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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love is Courage

Hi love,

Just want to say that I’m in a process of healing. Heal from the same pain I felt few months back. Telling the truth this pain is much worst. Leaving scars all over my heart. Sometimes I think that there is no more colors that I can feel inside. Everything turns dark and sorrow.

Please dear love, dear Al-Mighty. Give me the most incredible drugs in this world that can make me forget that feeling. That one feeling. Feeling that sometimes make me floating in the air . Feeling that sometime makes me wanna dance. Feeling that makes me smile all day long. Feeling that makes me cry in the middle of a cold night.

There’s that tiny space in my mind blaming fate. Fate that is written in Luth Mahfuz that we get a chance to know each other. Got a chance to love each other. I’m blaming the fate for giving us that chance. Look how hurt I am. Until I cannot what is right and what is wrong !

Why do I still have that feeling? Am I so damn in love with him? Does he feels the same? I can’t get him out of my mind. I think I’m going crazy. Stupid me. This is my decision. To stop all the nonsense.

“Bare it ! Face it ! Be strong Naz. You can do it coz your so strong.”

I wish that I can erase all the memories from my mind from my heart. All I can do is hope and pray that I can get through this pain. Wish me luck, dear.

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